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If you're trying to visit New Hampshire, you're probably coming here to enjoy oursthe famous White Mountains, our extensive lake area orbeautiful coast. Although many of these places can be reached by highway, if you're coming from afar, you can forgo driving.

If that's the situation you're in, thenthe best way to access this beautiful country is to fly toManchester Boston Harbor (MHT). The airport, located in the royal city of Manchester, is small but clean and efficient. And you always canrent a local cardriving in Manchester itself.

While I was in Manchester,it's worth spending some time in one of New Hampshire's oldest towns. With tons of fun activities, there's always something for the whole family.

Here are 10 great things to do in Manchester, New Hampshire.

1. Shop in a tax haven

Attractions in Manchester, New Hampshire - Anna Everywhere (1)

New Hampshire is a favorite in all of New Englandyou will find lower prices in all our stores. Although our location in an often rural area north of Boston helps keep prices comparatively low,New Hampshire is also one of four states with no sales tax.

This clear advantage, along with the fact thatManchester is New Hampshire's largest city by population, makes the city a great place to shop.Manchester's historic center has many great shopsjak Bookery, Pop of Color i Heart and Hand.

And while supporting local businesses is always great, you can also find many of their great stores.The Mall of New Hampshire is one of the largest shopping centers in the state.It includes favorite stores like Apple, Old Navy, Vans, Dick's Sporting Goods, Ulta Beauty and more.

2. Eat in central Manchester

Manchester is known for its fantastic bars and culinary scene.Some locals have even gone so far as to call it "Manchvegas" because of the many restaurants available. Elm Street and Hanover Street, especially downtown Manchester, have some of the finest restaurants in the city and the country.

If you are looking for fine cuisine, give it a tryHanover Street Chophouse. With delicious food, a whiskey and whiskey menu and superb desserts,the restaurant is the "place" for official events in the city(although your wallet will definitely feel the effect).

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Some of our other favorite restaurants in Manchester include:110 Barbecue,Italian grill Fratello, andFoundry. For dessert, visit Elm StreetBen and Jerry,Pekara Sweets, LubQueen City Cookies.

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If you are looking for more reliable restaurants,Manchester also has Texas Roadhouse, Applebee's, 99 Restaurant and many others.

3. Watch a Fisher Cats game at Delta Dental Stadium

If you were a kid growing up in New Hampshire from the 1990sgoing to Manchester for a Fisher Cats game was a staple of Granite State life.Today, if you're local, a baseball fan, or just visiting,no trip to Manchester would be complete without at least one Fisher Cats baseball game.

Fisher cats from New Hampshire are so-calledDouble-A povezan s Toronto Blue Jaysima, the only baseball team in Canada. While Fisher Cats are unique in this regard, they are also pretty good!With 8 famous players who have made it to the MLB in recent years, the band is incredibly fun to watch.

Plus, Delta Dental Stadium is a great location. With numerous gastronomic possibilities and events throughout the year,even if you're not a big baseball fan, you'll love the stadium. With fireworks after select games throughout the summer, the energy and fun is great for everyone!

4. Climb to the top in Vertical Dreams

One thing you may not know about New Hampshire is that we are a VERY active state. While it makes sense that in our mountain and lake communities we would enjoy spending time outside, even in larger cities,we like to surround ourselves with nature and various types of athletics.

A great way to do this is to try climbing indoors. Indoor rock climbing is great because you are in a controlled area with very little danger. This makes it great for kids, beginners, or those who just like to mitigate the dangers. If that sounds interesting to you,Vertical Dreams u Manchesteruobligatory.

Before converting into office space and companies,Manchester was a major industrial center for textiles, at one point called the "textile capital of the world".

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Vertical Dreams restored part of one of the mills and turned it into an indoor climbing gym.Vertical Dreams even renovated a former elevator shaft to become a towering rock for climbing.If you need a great activity, check it outVertical substances.

5. De-stress at RelAxe Throwing NH

Ideal for someheavy ax blades flying through the airit sounds the opposite of relaxing or having fun. However, we promise the idea isn't as crazy or stressful as you might think.

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A relaxing throwin Manchester it's open five days a week and is open to anyone over the age of 10 (although children under 16 must pitch with them).RelAxe Throwing offers axes, targets and accessoriesbut you can bring your own ax if you want!

If you decide to throw axes, you will have to sign a safety declaration and wear closed shoes (sandals and crocs are not allowed). Walk-ins are welcome, but be sure to make a reservation on weekends, otherwise you may not get in.

RelAxe Throwing is truly a unique experience created for those looking for a great way to relieve stress.It is absolutely necessary to follow all safety instructions and rules given by the instructors.

6. Burn off some energy at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park

When I was a kid, sometimes the best childhood memories can be found in the yard or at a friend's house playing on the trampoline. The only problem with them was that there wasn't always enough room, and sometimes you couldn't fit them all at once.

AlreadyPark trampolin Sky Zonethose problems are gone. Sky Zone, for those who don't know, isa giant trampoline park for the whole family.With games, climbing, trampolines and of course trampolines, Sky Zone is a great option for everyone!

Manchester is fortunate to have Sky Zone just a few blocks from Delta Dental Stadium, just off Interstate 293.Manchester's Sky Zone is a great place for parties, afternoon activities or a fun form of exercise.

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Sky Zone is one of the few trampoline parks in New Hampshire.Even if you're only in town for a few hours, Sky Zone is a great way to pass the time.

7. See a show at the Palace Theatre

Attractions in Manchester, New Hampshire - Anna Everywhere (2)

While Manchester may be a small city, that doesn't mean some of the best entertainment isn't available. While Boston andNew Yorkmay have much larger theater districts with better-known acts, the Palace Theater in Manchester certainly has its fair share of shows.

The theater is locatedjust off Elm Street in central Manchesterhas been around for over 100 years.While the theater fell into disuse in the 1930s and 1960s, it was revived in the 1970s and now holds weekly performances. With big names like Recycled Percussion, the castMother of Godand the New England Blues Festival, you're sure to find something for you!

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The location of the theater is also perfect for a night out on the town. After visiting the theatergo to Ulica briestova for great food or visit your local grocery store. A trip to the Palace Theater is a great two-in-one deal.

8. Learn new things at your local museum

Sometimes on a rainy day you may not feel like the most intense exercise or feel the need to expend energy. Maybe you want to stay home and pick up a good book or learn a few things.

If that describes you, Manchester has you covered. There are many museums in Manchester that are great for people of all ages. TheMillyard History Museum in Manchesterwill present the great history of the cityand some information about Manchester's iconic mills. TheNew Hampshire Aviation Museum, located right next to the airport, will explain the importance of aviation in Granite State history.

Perhaps the best is the so-calledCurrier Museum of Art. It is located in the center of Manchester, i.eone of the largest and most famous art museums in the country.The Currier Art Museum features local art, world-famous masterpieces and more.

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9. Explore the SEE Science Center

While a visit to the Millyard, Aviation or Art Museum usually ends in a quiet day, a trip to the SEE Science Center is just the opposite, loud, exciting and fun.If you have young children, the SEE Science Center is a must.

Thescientific center, located in the historic mill yard, includes a series ofhands-on activities for children to learn about a wide range of science topics. With topics covering everything from electricity to sunlight to climate change, the SEE Science Center is a great day out for kids.

Tickets are $10 and the Science Center is open six days a week. The building is still small, so reservations are recommended.

10. Drive to Lake Massabesic for a relaxing day

Attractions in Manchester, New Hampshire - Anna Everywhere (3)

Covering more than 2,500 acres in Manchester and Auburn,Lake Massabesic has been supplying water to surrounding towns since 1874.It owes its name to an Indian word that means "a place with a lot of water".

Since it is a source of drinking water, you cannot swim in the lake, butyou can drive a boat and fish as long as you don't touch the water.The lake is home to white perch, yellow perch, bass, walleye and runner.

If you like hunting, you'll find waterfowl, deer and more here. But make sure you get yoursNew Hampshire Hunting and Game Licensefirst from the state.

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Visit the lake in autumn and you will entersee incredibleNew England is leaving.If you have more time, go hiking or horseback riding for 6 kmTrail along Lake Massabesic.

Bonus: Where to Stay in Manchester, NH

Here are some good places to stay in Manchester for all budgets.

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Mid-range hotels in Manchester

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester DowntownAcross from the Southern New Hampshire University Arena and a short walk from Kalivas ParkDouble Tree Hotel has everything you need. Spacious rooms, sun terrace, indoor pool, restaurants within The Current Kitchen & Bar or The Daily Brew, andwalking distance to local bars and restaurants.
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson- proximity to the airport,the hotel offers a shuttle service for arriving guests. Biscuits and fruit are left for guests in the lobby. You'll love the indoor pool and the view from the top floors of the hotel.

Budget hotels in Manchester

  • Best Western PLUS Executive Court Inn- The hotel is located in a quiet, wooded area, just a few minutes' drive from the airportnear the I-93 freewaywhich makes it ideal for exploring nearby places. Spacious rooms and suites, some of which have hydromassage bathtubs.The Backyard Brewery within the hotel is the perfect place for a meal and a beer.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Manchester DowntownRight next to the Verizon Wireless Arena, now known as SNHUin the historic Millyard district, this hotel offerstransfer to the arenaand baseball field views from some rooms. Several parks and restaurants are within walking distance.

No matter when you decide to visit Manchester, New Hampshire, there is always something for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it's a day trip to Vertical Dreams or a weekend to see a show at the Palace Theater and go to a Fisher Cats game, Manchester is a great place to visit.


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