18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (2023)

The isekai genre is one of the most popular genres in anime and manga. The isekai genre is about people finding themselves in a completely different world or universe and adjusting to their new lives. Most isekai anime and manga focus on the protagonist's journey to his new world and the obstacles he must overcome along the way.

However, some isekai anime and manga focus on the main character being overpowered, resulting in a completely different experience for the viewer. If you are looking for any, we bring you the 18 best isekai anime with OP MC.

Here are the 18 best isekai anime with OP MC

One of the most exciting genres of anime is theisekaigender. In isekai anime, the main characters find themselves in a completely different world than their own. The genre has delivered some of the unique plots and stories that have captured the hearts of many anime fans.

One of the most exciting aspects of isekai anime is the overpowered main character. That's why we bring you the 18 best isekai anime withOP M.C.

18. Hachi-Nan TTE, Sore Wa Nai Deshou

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (1)

One day, a 25-year-old Japanese salaryman completely exhausted by his stressful day to day ends up sleeping while working, but instead of a simple nap, he wakes up as the son of a noble family. However, this noble family is quite unusual. They do not have many resources to pay the bills and the protagonist is not the first child. He is not his second child either.

He is the youngest of all. In other words, he is the eighth child from him. That is why the story begins rather strangely for the protagonist, who is now a six-year-old boy born into a noble family who can barely pay the bills.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

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17. Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetics

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (2)

Our hero Akatsuki Ousawa returns to the normal world from the world called Alayzard with a girl named Myuu. It turns out that Akatsuki Ousawa was so powerful upon his return from the fantasy world that he is literally known as the Rogue Hero.

He and Myuu join babel and start training. Over the course of the series, he goes from strong to omega-strong. he is notdominatedJust in the strength department, too. He also has the style to back it up and the personality to make you jealous.

He rides lightning charged motorcycles and smashes others using only his fists and his sword is terrifyingly scary, he would probably just take down enemies with a look. He breaks magical ice walls with a single punch and traps all the girls.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

16. Gargantia on the green planet

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (3)

Ledo, the main character is a fierce warrior who fights for the human race. He fights against aliens who want to destroy the human race and prevents them from reaching a young woman named Amy.

However, due to various circumstances, he is sent to Earth, where he is supposed to learn about our traditions and the environment in which we humans live.

Unable to communicate with his partner in space; naturally, it has to socialize and learn from these humans if it wants to survive. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem in this waterlogged land.


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nicknamed- Sim

Season- 1 (13 Ep.)

15. Kakuriyo: inn for spirits

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (4)

Kakuriyo follows the story of a young girl named Aoi. Like her grandfather, she has the ability to see "ayakashi". Life is fair and good until the god of the hidden realm takes her to another world.

This world is populated by both good and evil spirits, and as the story progresses, it turns out that his grandfather made a deal with him.

However, this debt will not be paid in cash or gold, but will be paid if the god of the hidden realm marries his grandson and that is only Aoi. It is a very interesting isekai anime and everyone should watch Kakuriyo if you are a fan of isekai.

14. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (5)

The protagonist of this anime is the classic definition of dominated. You can try to kill him, but can you kill him? He can kill you, but will he really let you die? His name is Anos Voldigoad and he is a demon king.

He reincarnated after a long 2000 years and is currently astudentat the Demon King Academy. I would say if you likepower fantasy, this will be a success.


nicknamed- Sim

Season- 1 (13 Ep.)

13. Kenja no Mago

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (6)

The story takes place in a fantasy world where a certain man is hailed as a national hero. However, he does not care about fame and glory. He prefers to live a calm and peaceful life and that is what he does.

He lives in the rural forest and spends his time raising an orphan he saved. His name is Shin, and although he was raised as a child, he is actually a Japanese salaryman who was isekai for this world.

Years pass as Shin gradually nurtures his natural talent and now, at the age of 15, he is enrolled in the kingdom.magic academy. Still, considering how she's lived alone with her adoptive grandfather for the past 15 years, one social life might be too much. Will Shin be able to handle it? Watch the anime and find out.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

12. Mairimashita!

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (7)

The protagonist is a 14-year-old boy named Iruma, and honestly, the last 14 years of his life have been pretty sad. Even though he is a minor, he still has to work and earn money for his parents as they recklessly lead their lives. And then one day your parents go too far.

They sell it to a demon for good money. Iruma's anxiety stats skyrocket, but she soon realizes that the demon didn't just buy him for food. No way. In fact, the demon just wanted a grandson to spoil him and make him attend demon school. Iruma is relieved, but he doesn't know that the demon is Sullivan and the school president.

Now everyone expects Iruma to become the Demon King. This is a very wholesome and refreshing anime, so if you have ever been a fan of shounen anime, definitely check it out. Season 2 is in the works, so this is the perfect time to enjoy Season 1 and then catch up.


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nicknamed- Sim

Season- 1 (44 Ep.)

11. Bofuri

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (8)

After pestering our friend for a while, Kaede Honjou hesitantly agrees to try a new world online. An extremely popular virtual reality MMO played by hundreds of thousands of people across Japan. She names the character her from the game Maple hers and sets off on her journey.

She is a proper newbie to this genre and allocates all of her stat points to vitality so she doesn't lose any health. With zero stat points in any of the other categories, Maple has extremely high defense, but she can't hit hard or move very fast. Luckily for you though, due to her high defense, Maple gains a bunch of powerful abilities. As a full defense, she has immunity to poison and devour.

These abilities come hand in hand, along with a bunch of new items you pick up in the game that allow you to destroy enemies with a single hit. After just a few days of play, she gains a reputation as an overpowered and invincible player.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

10. Seirei Gensouki

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (9)

He may seem like a fragile and weak boy, but as they always say, appearances are deceiving. Inside this young body is the mind of a grown man who died in a traffic accident. Rio, the owner of that body, has an insatiable rage to avenge his mother after she was killed in front of him.

Talk about a hard life. He even unhesitatingly saves the kingdom's princess from her captives when no one else would. As a thank you, the king admitted him to the royal academy at Beltrum.

It brings him one step closer to gaining the power and strength he needs to exact revenge, but not like he really needs it. He is already a prodigy and has made everyone in his class jealous.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

09. Death March in a Parallel World Rhapsody

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (10)

Satou is an enthusiastic game creator who dreams of being inside the world of the games he creates. One day, he actually wakes up in this game and at first he thinks that he is dreaming like anyone else would.

However, when reality sets in, he quickly realizes that it is not a dream and that he really is in another world. As the creator of the game, he fully understands how the world works and can level up or down as he pleases.

The anime is an amazing watch because it doesn't show a know-it-all attitude, nor does it think it's above anyone. Rather, he is quite humble and willing to learn all the time while traveling the world. So if you want to watch a calm and really good show, this is your best option.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

08. Vagabonds

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (11)

Drifters follows the story of the main character Toyohisa Shimazu. He is a fearless warrior in the middle of a battle at the beginning of the anime. Although he is not afraid, he has reached his limit and is losing the battle. Bleeding and out of luck, he is transported to a corridor-like structure, where a tainted man meets him.

It seems that this man is waiting for you sitting behind a desk. He calls our MC to the nearest door and our intrepid warrior is transported to a world surrounded by elves, dwarves and monsters of all shapes and sizes.

As time passes, he realizes that he is a wanderer, which means that he was not the only one summoned to this world. Dozens of other wanderers have been summoned to the same world to help fight the war against some storied enemies and save the land.

In time, he also realizes that he is the most powerful drifter that has ever been summoned. Knowing this, he decides to use his strength and collaborate with other vagabonds to defeat the brutal extremes who plan to take over the world and kill all the vagabonds.


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nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

07. No game, no life

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (12)

This story is about two amazing brothers, Sora and Shiro. They are infamous online and are internet gaming prodigies. How they created amazing people online for themselves. They are known as legends because they would make a legendary team named Blank.

One fateful day, they are invited to a game of chess. Willing to accept the challenge, they accept it and win. But to his surprise, the person they defeated was a god called Tet, and after seeing his incredible abilities, he transferred them to his world, the game world.

In this world, everything is decided by games and you may have guessed it, but the duo is very excited about this concept. They both look forward to exploring the new world and testing their gaming skills to the fullest.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

06. In another world with my smartphone

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (13)

The plot behind this anime is very different from many popular isekai anime, which makes it even more interesting. In this anime, a god accidentally causes the death and transportation of the main character to another world.

To make up for this incident, this god gives Touya, the main character, incredible magical powers and allows him to use his smartphone while in this new world. He uses magic power to operate his smartphone since there is no technology in this new world.

The benevolent god also gave him an immortal body, meaning he can't die no matter what happens to him. He can even take advantage of all six elements. Instead of using this power for evil, he ignores the sadistic and cynical side of him and decides to help people with this new power.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

05. Rising of the Shield Hero

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (14)

Once a brainy high school student who isn't too interested in what life has to offer, Naofumi is transported to an alternate world where he is hailed as one of the world's four greatest heroes.

However, he sticks with the short end of the stick, as the world thinks the shield hero is the weakest of the four legendary heroes. The other heroes received a sword, a spear, and a bow, respectively.

With no one by her side, the princess of the kingdom chooses to be her ally and informs her about what the new world is like. However, not all is sunshine in rainbows when she begins to notice strange things with the people around him.

The first episode is a 45 minute long episode, so if you want a good quick binge, this is definitely a good watch.


nicknamed- Sim

Season- 2 (38 Ep.)

04. At that time I was reincarnated as a slime

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (15)

This anime is widely known for its unrealistic tropes and plots. "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" definitely fits the bill for one of the best isekai anime out there. This anime follows the story of a middle-aged man named Satoru Mikami.

He is a 37-year-old salaryman working to make ends meet when he is stabbed to death and left for dead. However, shortly before he died, he was reincarnated in another world. She's a scary monster jelly slime, I know.

Although it's hard for him to find someone who can relate to him, he finally found a friend in the form of a powerful dragon and claims the name Rimuru Tempest and decides to venture out into the world. He is only seen as a low level slime, he still keeps his human values ​​intact and becomes extremely overpowered at some point in the anime, for which many people love him.

If you want a powerful MC going through intense battles and a show that results in some awesome humor, then this is the one for you.


nicknamed- Sim

Season- 2 (48 Ep.)

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03. Isekai maou a Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (16)

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is a fascinating series, while the first season wasn't the strongest start I've personally seen in anime. The second season raises the stakes, raises theActionand increases the quality. Follow Takuma Sakamoto, an incredibly scary player in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Cross Reverie.

He is the best in this game and he is not ashamed to crush the newbies in the real abyss. When he is randomly teleported to the game world as his in-game character Diablo. Takuma sees this as a chance to fulfill his dreams of becoming the character he played. The result is a wonderful anime about Takuma's powerful abilities.

a ton ofharemfan service and an excitingnew seasonwhich fixes all the bugs from the previous season. Ten episodes have been released so far and you should definitely catch up because this anime is one hype train that everyone should be on board.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 2 (22 ep.)

02. Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekkai Douchuu

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (17)

A goddess breaks a contract with him just because of his appearance. Damn, this is hard. I can't wait to see the regret of her decision. Thus, Makoto was abandoned by the goddess and exiled to the wastelands. However, he gets some help from Tsukuyomi, granting Makoto his blessing and telling him to live freely as he sees fit.

Makoto may not have as many abilities, but he does have a virtually infinite supply of mana that he uses. Thanks to the weapons and objects created by the designers. Including his ring that he stores energy in and the bow that converts his insurmountable amounts of mana into magical energy that he can blast from the bow making him quite powerful.

Some may have forgotten about the anime, but one thing is for sure, this anime is fun and you will have a lot of fun watching it.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (12 episodes)

01. Mondaiji-Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo?

18 Best Isekai Anime Featuring OP MC 2023 | MojoTop10 (18)

After getting bored with their dominated self and boring lives, they decided to follow Alice who looks like a bunny and go down the rabbit hole to a new world and a fresh start awaiting them in the process.

In this world, they promised the fun they sought in their previous worlds and the thrill of fighting monsters that are much stronger than any of them, but together, they just might have a chance. At worst, they will all be torn apart and turned into deliciousness.


nicknamed- Sim

Season– 1 (10 Ep.)

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